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6 things to look out for when booking a short let apartment

Homely Anjola apartment: 2-bedroom short-let apartment in Lekki, Lagos

There are many reasons you may prefer to take on a short-let let rather than commit to something longer. Maybe you are in the area for a few days, weeks, or months or it may be because of work commitments. It could also be that may be in need of somewhere to live whilst waiting for your property purchase or renovation to be complete.

Another growing trend is people taking out short-term rentals while work on their existing property is being carried out. At Homely, we see that more and more people are doing major renovation work on their homes, and that can often leave them without usable kitchens and bathrooms for extended periods. Renting a short let apartment for the duration of the work is an ideal solution, and far cheaper than putting the family up in a hotel.

On the subject of hotels, tourism is also playing a part in this sector of the property market these days. Anyone visiting for longer than a fortnight will probably be financially better off with a short let apartment rather than staying in a hotel. So, in expensive cities like Lagos, short-term rentals can often provide the perfect solution.

Are you booking a short let apartment for the first time? Looking to ensure that you get the best value for your money and the best stay at a short let apartment? We share 6 things below to think about before completing your reservation.

  1. Security

This is one of the most important things to pay attention to when booking a short-let apartment in Lagos because the safety of your life and property should not be compromised. Research the area and ask your host questions about how security works at the property to make sure you are safe and have peace of mind during your stay.

  1. Interior design and ambiance
Homely Bukola apartment: 3-bedroom short let apartment in Victoria Island, Lagos

Nobody wants to be in a boring short-let apartment.  It is important to check for an appealing aesthetic interior that can set you in the right mood for an ideal getaway. Good lighting, furniture, appealing artwork and a great view from the inside are just the interesting things that can make a good experience. 

  1. Check for reviews

Reviews are great and one of the best ways to know the experience of previous guests. This will give you more in-depth expectations of the apartment. You can also check the social media accounts of the property managers for more clarity.

  1. Nearby amenities

Nearby amenities like restaurants, bars, gyms, lounges, supermarkets and hospitals will make your stay more fun and stress-free. Choosing an apartment close to entertainment options may be a smart idea. Not only will this improve your experience of your stay, it will also give you a chance to network and meet amazing people while having fun.

  1. Customer service

The type of response you get when making enquires will tell you a lot about the property managers and how they treat their guests. At Homely, we take customer service seriously and we achieved a 100% response rate on Airbnb. You can view this here.

  1. Check listing details 

Depending on the purpose of your travel, you want to select an apartment that suits your needs. You should always check the apartment listing details before completing your reservation to be sure that your required amenities are provided. Most people will want to go for a serviced apartment that has wifi, 24 hours electricity, equipped kitchen, a gym, parking space and a pool.

Homely Wonu Studio apartment in Lekki, Lagos

If you are interested in finding a short-let rental property in Lagos, or if you are a landlord looking to put your property on the market, please contact us. Our team of experts are always happy to offer any advice you may need.

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