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New to Short let property management? Here’s everything you need to know

A short-let apartment is a fully-furnished apartment rented out for days or weeks, just like a hotel. Business and leisure travelers are likely to choose short lets because they are cheaper than hotels and located in an ideal environment that makes them feel home away from home.

Hospitality is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and short-term rentals became an increasingly important part of it. As a host, you need to always stay on top of the things that are happening at your property. Several challenges come with short-term rental management but they can be all overcome with the right approach and preparation. In today’s blog, we will be talking about a few things that will help you manage your short-let property and help you keep the business running.  

Promote your property on digital platforms

We are in the digital age where most things are done online, hospitality is said to be one of those fast-growing industries online. You can also take advantage of the digital platform that will help you promote your property like social media, blog posts, email marketing, and website just to make sure that your property is easy to access by guest who want to make reservation.

Most travelers are said to make their apartment reservations online even before getting to their destination 

Online  property marketplace

Property marketplaces like Airbnb and booking.con helps you manage your property easily from listing, and also help with getting reservations, help with the availability of rooms, pricing, check Ins and check-out. 

Invest in interior decoration

Pura Vida 3-bedroom apartment in Ikoyi, Lagos

One thing that catches the attention of your guest is how good the apartment looks. In the short-let market, you want your property to look well-designed and stand out among competitors to maximize the number of bookings you receive. Investing in the interior decor of your short-let apartment is very important, and making use of modern furniture will make your apartment look more appealing and attractive to your customers. The idea is to give your guest a worthy full experience with an appealing aesthetic look.

Maintenance of  the property 

Checking if all things in the apartment are in place before the guest checks in is very important. cleanliness is crucial to creating a positive first impression and your apartment must look clean when your guests arrive. A clean space keeps negative reviews at bay, improves overall guest satisfaction, and boosts your daily rate over time. 

Make your listing great 

Making a great listing for your property is one of the most important things to do. Highlighting the amazing features of your property in your listing allows your guests to know the nearby amenities and facilities of the property. This will give them more insight into what the property looks like.

Partner with a short-let property manager

Parthner with Homely today

You can partner with experienced short-let property managers that will help you manage your property and ease all the stress of listing and getting guests to your apartment while you make your money with no stress. Homely is one of the best apartment hosts that help you get a return on your investment. 

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